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  • This contact form is secured via SSL/https (encrypted.)

  • The message you enter will be sent to us via Google's G-Suite (very similar to Gmail.)

  • Your name and email address will be retained only long enough for us to reply to you. (After which, your name and email address will be deleted from our inbox, sent, and trash folders. We do not store or retain anything sent to us through this form.)

  • We don't have an enewsletter. We don't send email to users (see Twitter for site announcements.) We have no reason to store your email address after we've replied to you, so we'll delete it after we've replied.

  • This form will also send us your IP address, which we use only to report spammers (to the company that owns the IP address.) We can't get your name or other personal info from your IP address without a warrant. (We're not a law enforcement agency, nor are we litigiously inclined, so we'll never try to get a warrant for info about an IP address (unless the message includes threats of physical harm or death.)

  • Do not ever send any secure information via this form. We will never ask you for payment info of any kind, or passwords, or social security numbers, or anything else that could be used to access your identity, accounts, or funds. If you've been told to send any such info via this form, you weren't told that by us, you're being scammed.
    Don't send secure info via this form.

  • Don't use this form to try to sell me something. Not only will I not buy anything from you, this form will record your IP address. I'll look up the owner of the IP address, and I'll report your spam to the abuse contact at your ISP or VPN service. So, tarry not. Away with thee.

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