Without the following people, I may never have completed this book:

· Willie Corrine Hudson, my mother, who instilled in me the moral framework that has shaped my life;

· Rex Orson Hudson, my father, who has stuck with me through good times and bad;

· James Baldwin, the writer, who inspired me to walk the walk;

· Rev. William Holmes, my minister, whose faith in me bolstered my confidence when it was waning;

· Dr. George Ogle, National Methodist social concerns director, who focused my attention on "solutions to poverty";

· Patti Parsons and David Plocher, whose friendship during my year in Washington, D.C. carried me through one cold city;

· Ginger Ross-Breggin and Peter Breggin, who rented me space in their funky D.C.-area basement and encouraged me to write a book;

· Darryl Smith and Keith Grier, who co-sponsored the Solutions to Poverty Workshop upon my return to San Francisco.

· Alex Dunne and Bridget Childs, who provided the glue that held together the Solutions to Poverty Workshop;

· Rev. Glenda Hope, long-time friend, who urged me to write this book;

· Roma Guy, organizer exemplar, who frequently told me that this book must be published;

· Michael Larsen, my agent, whose enthusiasm about this project has been unsurpassed;

· Steve Sears, my computer mentor, who has boosted my productivity immensely with his patience and expertise;

· Mary Hudson, my sister, whose support has been steadfast;

· Leonard Roy Frank, my best friend, whose support and example have been inspirational, and;

· Bob Dylan, singer-songwriter, whose music led me through several passages and comforted me during my hours of deepest need.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the following people who have provided me with important feedback, support and/or encouragement: Barbara Arms; Martha Avery; Harry Britt; Margie Burke; Ken Butigan; Sara Colm; Robert Eisner; Brandon Faloona; Gerald Faloona; Jerry Fillingim; John Kenneth Galbraith; Penn Garvin; Sally Gearhardt; Ted Glick; Helen Ginsburg; Richard Gross; David Hartsough; Doug Henwood; Gail Keene; Laurie Lazer; Julianne Malveaux; Andrew Maxwell; Alex & Kara Mikulich; Rhoda Norman; Wilson Riles, Jr.; Peter Stern, Ursula Sturzenegger; Rob Waters, June Zaconne, and; the Solutions to Poverty Workshop.

And last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank Ann Weinstock, Typesetting, Etc., and Natwick Grafficks, for their book-cover design, layout, and printing.